5 Best Tactical Dog Harness Systems for 2020

There are more and more dog-friendly parks and camping grounds. If your dog is like mine, then he loves to get out and get his nose into everything outdoors. Man’s best friend makes a great hiking and camping partner and with a vest harness, they can pitch in and carry their share of the load as well. Your pet can now pack in their own food, medical supplies or anything else with one of the below tactical harnesses. We looked them all over and narrowed down the list to the handful below.

1. OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness

OneTigris offers a complete selection of top notch tactical style camping and outdoor gear. All of their items are expertly crafted and the OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness is no exception. This tactical molle vest comes with three detachable patches for holding all types of gear and is able to handle other addons as well. The vest comes in three different sizes depending on how big your pet is and is fully adjustable for maximum comfort. If you’re looking for complete tactical dog harness solution than you won’t go wrong with this system. Sale prices on Amazon means you won’t be breaking the bank either.

  • Vest and Webbing material: 1000D Nylon
  • Size M: 35*41cm (width x length)
  • Size L: 40*49cm (width x length)
  • Size XL: 46*54cm (width x length)
  • Zipper Pouch Size: 15*10*6 cm
  • Medical Pouch Size: 14*18*6cm
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

2. Auroth Tactical Service Dog Training Harness

Auroth has come out with some awesome training models lately and this one is great. The Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness comes with two carry handles attached to both the front and back of the harness and has two attachment points for a leash. This model comes in five different sizes to fit just about any dog and has fully adjustable chest and belly straps for your pet’s comfort. The pricing is insane on Amazon for the smaller sizes and even the larger sizes are super affordable.

  • Material:1000D Nylon
  • Velcro panel down the back
  • Grid design lining for breathability
  • Soft pad insert on the collar to prevent chafing on your dog’s neck
  • Fully adjustable chest and belly straps
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3. Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness

When Signature states that their products are law enforcement and military grade professional training equipment – they aren’t kidding. The Signature K9 Modular Ultimate Load Bearing Harness can literally allow your working dog to carry his own weight in gear. Designed with load-rated nylon webbing throughout and spacer mesh underneath for additional padding and increased airflow, this piece is very strong yet lightweight and comfortable. Check it out on Amazon while it’s on sale.

  • Lightweight and extremely durable plus the modular feature allows for seemingly limitless functionality
  • Made in the USA by American craftsmen
  • Modular feature allows for seemingly endless functionality
  • Fully adjustable for a perfect fit
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4. Yisibo Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness

Yisibo is a Chinese company that produces numerous high quality tactical molle dog vest models. The Yisibo Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness is their top of the line version. These vests come in five different sizes to accommodate just about any dog breed. Both sides of the vest are molle compatible so you’re able to add on any number of functional pouches. Want your dog to look good and function well on the trail? This harness is a great choice and super affordable on Amazon.

  • Made of high quality 1000D Nylon
  • Two carry handles providing front and back attachment points for a leash
  • Both sides of this dog vest are molle-type design compatible
  • Velcro area on the back of the dog harness for quick add ons
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

5. ICEFANG Nylon Tactical Dog Molle Vest

Icefang is another company putting out some fantastic products including this one – the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Molle Vest. With four different sizes to choose from, any dog can look the part on the trail while also helping to lug along some of your gear. This particular tactical dog harness system is well designed and unbelievably sturdy. Check it out on Amazon today.

  • 1000D nylon with ripstop design outside and breathable mesh nylon inside
  • MOLLE compatible on both sides of vest
  • Velcro panel on the back for quick, easy attachments
  • Each strap can be adjusted for wearing comfort and stability
  • Soft pad insert on the collar to prevent chafing on your dog’s neck
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon


Editor’s Choice

The above group of tactical dog harness systems is a fantastic mix of value and function. No matter what your needs are in a tactical style harness, one of the above is more than likely to fit the bill. Our personal recommendation is the #1 system on the list – the OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness. It is a tough-as-nails vest with a premium build and an extremely consumer friendly price point. Take a peek at the OneTigris or any of the others and let us know which vest you decided to go with and why. How about a camping hammock or something else?