5 Best Solar Charging Backpacks 2017

We’re all guilty of being over reliant on our tech nowadays. We can’t walk out of the house in the morning without our cell phones. The problem is always running low the battery down low throughout the day by texting, playing games, streaming videos, web surfing, etc. Even when we’re out and about enjoying nature, we’re never untethered completely from our mobile phones, tablets and other devices. A daypack or backpack with a built in solar charging panel is a great idea to be able charge your device so your have a full battery when you settle down for the evening. Below are the best of the best of today’s top rated solar charging backpacks.

1. Ivation 7W Solar Charging Hydration Backpack

Ivation is one of the leaders in battery powered consumer devices. They have a strong track record of creating consumer friendly and wallet friendly products and the Ivation 7W Solar Charging Hydration Backpack is no exception. It is a full featured daypack with the convenience of a drinking water hydration bladder and 10,000 mAh waterproof power bank. If you need the flexibility to charge up a couple of devices while on the go and not break the bank, then this may be your choice. Check it out on Amazon for only $89.99.

  • Removable 7W/6V Solar Panel Absorbs Sunlight While Biking, Hiking & Camping
  • Includes Waterproof 10,000mAh Emergency Power Bank/Backup Battery Stores Charge
  • 3 USB Charging Ports Simultaneously Charge 2 Mobile Devices Using USB Cable
  • Backpack Features Large, Zippered Pockets for Storing 2 Phones Plus a Tablet
  • 1.8L Water Bladder Features Flexible Pipe for Drinking While Wearing Backpack
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

2. ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack External Frame Hiking Bag Pack

ECEEN is one of the industry leaders in solar charging hiking and camping gear. This particular model, the ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack External Frame Hiking Bag Pack, is made for the backpacker who likes to go fast and light, yet demands a full complement of technical features. The front flap features a light-weight, flexible and integrated 7W removable solar panel. The solar panel has the highest efficiency available to produce more juice than other similar solar panel packs. It captures more sunlight and converts light into energy more efficiently with its 7W output and a full charge of your iPhone takes just 3-4 hours. Available on Amazon for $249.99, it’s not exactly cheap but you do get the best tech on the market for that price.

  • Size (L*W*H): 58x34x15 cm (22.84*13.39*5.91 inches)
  • Net weight: 1.5 KGS (3.32 LB)
  • Material: 55% Nylon and 45% Poly
  • Solar Panel: 22% high efficiency 7 Watts solar panel removable
  • Battery Pack: Waterproof 10000mAh high Capacity Dual USB output ports
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

3. ECEEN 7W Solar Hiking Backpack

Another entry from ECEEN at a lower price point. The ECEEN 7W Solar Hiking Backpack is a full featured solar powered daypack with all the bells and whistles you’ll need. This pack is lightweight and water resistant and the solar functionality is top of the line. The panel itself is flexible, scratch resistant and conveniently sized. It’s the perfect pack for the modern hiker allows you to continue using the features of your phone while out in the middle of nowhere. Check it out on Amazon starting at only $119.99.

  • Backpack with Built-in Solar Charging Panel (extra large 6.5 watt panel)
  • High quality poly cloth material and construction
  • Attached huge capacity 10000 mAh dual USB output battery inside can charge tablets, smartphones, cameras and more
  • Has charging tips for mobile phones by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, LG, ZTE, Sony, Huawei, etc.
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

4. VIVO Solar Bag 2.4W Powered Backpack

The VIVO Solar Backpack is a tech upgrade to your standard 18″ school size backpack. The VIVO Solar Bag 2.4W Powered Backpack has numerous interior pockets including a padded laptop pocket, a 1600 mAh lithium ion battery and includes 7 adapters for charging smart phones, tablets, cameras and more. The battery will hold enough power to fully charge an iPhone 5 with power left over. Additional batteries can always be added and charged simultaneously for additional storage. This backpack is perfect for school, traveling, cycling, hiking, camping and other activities on the go and at just $34.99 on Amazon, is a bonafide bargain.

  • 18″ Backpack
  • 2.4W Solar Panel
  • 1600 mah lithium ion battery with 7 adapters
  • USB Cable
  • Woodland Camo Pattern
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

5. SolarGoPack 7W Solar Sports Backpack

SolarGoPack has been producing some top notch solar powered backpacks lately. The SolarGoPack 7W Solar Sports Backpack is a stylish backpack with all of the functionality and looks of a well-equipped backpack with the addition of a solar charging module. The SolarGoPack has pockets for your cell phone and as well as a large cavity for a laptop computer. The front flap features a light-weight, flexible, integrated solar charging your cell phone, iPad or tablet if you don’t have a power outlet. The mid-range price of $118.95 on Amazon is a bargain for the quality you receive as compared to similar models.

  • Take Your Power with Smart phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, GPS Units and more while Camping, Hiking and more Outdoor activities
  • With 10000mAh power battery pack inside, designed to power and charge thousands of devices that charge from USB, including various handheld devices and smartphones.
  • SolarGoPack® is a strong, durable, stylish, flexible backpack made with lightweight Nylon material.
  • Includes 7 watts super efficiency solar panel, huge capacity 10000mAh Power Battery Pack, a 40 liter durable waterproof backpack, most popular Micro USB cables included.
  • CLICK HERE for price and reviews on Amazon

Editor’s Choice

The above group of solar charging backpacks is a fantastic mix of value and function. No matter what your needs are in a solar powered backpack, one of the above is more than likely to fit the bill. Our personal recommendation is the #3 pack on the list for price alone not to mention build quality – the ECEEN 7W Solar Hiking Backpack. It is a traditional backpack bristling with tech, a premium build and an extremely consumer friendly price point. Take a peek at the ECEEN or any of the others and let us know which one you decided to go with and why. How about a backpacking stove or something else?


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